While religion is a major force in human history and intimately entangled with the history of philosophy, from the standpoint of an objective philosophy which recognises no authorities other than reality and reason, religion does not arise as an issue. It is not derived from the facts of reality, but from faith in the words of men.

It is amusing that nothing I have written has stirred up as much anger within Australian Mensa as when I wrote about religion. There were even calls to censor Philosophical Reflections as a result! Yet while I am an atheist, that is a mere consequence of my philosophy: my primary interest and target is definitely not religion.

Nevertheless, religion has such an ongoing influence that it must be addressed and these articles do just that.

I am also pleased to have a chapter in The Australian Book of Atheism edited by Warren Bonett. Released in November 2010, ironically in time for Christmas, The Australian Book of Atheism contains over 30 essays by people famous, infamous and unfamous, on topics as diverse as history, philosophy and neurobiology. My chapter, “Good without God” is on secular morality (why religion is unnecessary, if not inimical, to morality) which I consider to be a plum philosophical topic – so I’m very glad it made the cut!

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I have also now published a slightly modified version of “Good Without God” on Amazon as a Kindle e-book (if you don’t have a Kindle you can get a free reader where you download the books – for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android). “Good Without God” is an essay on secular ethics and morals, on the theme of why and how the “is-ought” problem derails most attempts at justifying them but is solved by a life-based ethics. Such a life-based ethics is described and contrasted to religious ethics. Good is not only possible without God – it is better! Learn more here!