I was travelling along the road to Helensvale the other day when a bright light did shine upon me from Heaven and a voice as thunder spoke to me: “Hear the words of the One True God!”

Then I was surrounded by fiery beings whose countenances shone upon me like the sun, and their touch was as flame, yet my flesh was not consumed. And lo, I was transported even unto the Seventh Heaven, where I saw sights man was not meant to see and heard voices man was not meant to hear and the Voice of God spoke unto my soul.

Then I found myself back on Earth, and only a moment had passed. Yet the visions held me, and the message I had received burned within me, and as the flesh of man cannot contain such wonders I must needs bring that vision and that message to the world.

For I had taught men that Truth was to be found in the world of the senses illuminated by Reason’s bright light, and to have Faith apart from evidence was an evil for mankind, for it is our nature to think. And the One True God had seen my words, as he sees so much, and bade me speak further. And these are His words. Listen, you  who have ears to hear!

For the One True God is our Creator. He is not a jealous God, for there are other True Gods like Him, but he is our One True God for our corner of the universe is His. It is He who pushed that ancient nebula where push were needed, and did cause our Sun to coalesce out of it, and our Earth in its place where life could flourish, and mighty Jupiter to guard us, for he is ancient and patient and wise. And out of the long slow path of life on Earth, he did reach down, and set our far ancestors on the path to Thought. He did this because Thought is the great virtue, and while our thoughts are but a dim shadow of His, yet He approves of them, for a commonwealth of thinking beings is the true end and glory of existence. Yea, we evolved, as our scientists have learned, for they too follow the path of glory. But that one push, that one spark to light the flame, was His. The One True God does not meddle or command or concern himself with the private affairs of men and women. He merely watches and waits for us to find our own path, that we may one day find Him.

But his Truth has been corrupted. False Gods came to lead men astray. The One True God allows this, for while the False Gods try to deceive, they can only deceive those who wish to be deceived, for the One True God does not allow them to use their power to force men’s obedience. And the False Gods do bribe men with promises of paradise, so that men will give up their Holy Reason to follow Faith instead, Faith in the words of these faithless false gods, that the false gods may win their souls for themselves. For Reason serves neither man nor God, but Faith is self-chosen chains binding men to slavery. This angers the One True God, and there will be a reckoning, but the One True God is patient. There is yet time, if only you heed His words.

Hear now His words. The lies of the false gods, like all good lies, are part clothed in truth. The faithless will indeed be cast out into the Outer Darkness where men will weep and gnash their teeth at the sight of the glories they have cast aside. And the faithful will indeed live forever in glory. But the faith of which I speak is keeping faith with your true nature, the nature the One True God gave you; and the faithless are those who give up their nature. And that nature is the nature of a thinking being: that glorious creature that looks at the universe with clear and honest eyes, and seeks to understand it and rule it through the power of Reason and the clarity of Thought.

For His Heaven is real and reserved for those who live by the nature He created for them: who seek truth in reality and reason, not faith in the words of false gods and their false prophets. And yea, those who live by faith, instead of paradise will receive exactly what they were promised. For the One True God is a God of Justice. But what they were promised is an eternity of grovelling servitude to their false gods and the sight of the unbelievers’ fate: and they will find, when they get it, that it is ashes in their mouths, for they will see the glory they have given up, forever beyond their reach. And as they are bound to praise their unworthy gods for all eternity, they will know their chains were forged by themselves.

The One True God asks for no service, no praise, no faith. He asks nothing but that you live by your nature as a thinking being, therefore honouring the right of others to do the same. And he offers neither reward nor punishment, only consequences. Your life will be as the life you lived and your fate will be what you have chosen for yourself. He does not even ask for your belief, for that would be contrary to reason. Such is the mystery of His truth. And verily this is the one test of the One True God: for only false gods do ask for faith.

If you would truly serve the One True God, serve Him not. But if you would know what pleases Him, his prophets are the men of reason, who follow His path while neither knowing nor caring of His existence. Therefore hold this image as your image of what you can and ought to be and can become, the words of one of those prophets: “man as a heroic being, with your own happiness as the moral purpose of your life, with productive achievement as your noblest activity, and reason as your only absolute.” Then yours will be the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

Too many theists have told me that being unable to prove there is no God is an excuse to believe in one, and have not understood that in our understanding of reality there is not only proved and possible: there is true, false and arbitrary. The arbitrary is that for which there is no valid evidence, and is worse than false: it is meaningless and dangerous. So to all those who say: prove my God is not real, I have only to say: prove that the One True God is not real, or know that yours is a false god leading you to destruction.