Philosophical Reflections

Philosophical Reflectionswas a series of articles on philosophy published in TableAus, the journal of Australian Mensa, from 1992 to 2012 (Nº 1 was published in the May 1992 issue). Philosophical Reflections is the longest running series in TableAus and has been both popular and controversial. It presents moderately detailed arguments and derivations of the principles of MonoRealism and related philosophies (notably Objectivism), covering topics from the basic theory of reality and knowledge through to ethics, politics, sex, art and more.

The articles are listed in order in the menu to the left. Some have been modified slightly from the originals. Other sections of this site cover debates resulting from Philosophical Reflections as well as related topics.

If you are new to philosophy, you can get the best value by reading them in order, as later articles often assume familiarity with earlier ones (and logically, may rely on principles demonstrated earlier). But you can also pick and choose topics of interest.