July 5, 2017

The Homer Simpson Media

Fans of The Simpsons will know that one of Homer Simpson’s signature moves is when he is in the middle of something serious, he gets distracted by a bird or something, yells “Oooh! Birdie!” then runs outside chasing it around a tree giggling. So much like today’s media and President […]
July 2, 2017

Misery Meets Mystery

If I were to sum up the essence of10 Cloverfield Lane, I’d say “intriguingly unique”. The basic plot isn’t unique — woman goes off road, awakes imprisoned in a house, doesn’t know who to trust — but this one not only kept me guessing but most of my guesses were […]
January 7, 2017


Passengers. An interesting and engaging movie. Not entirely without its flaws, but I consider them minor and not grating enough to ruin the movie, as is sometimes the case. Rare for a “major movie”,it is not merely an interesting story with interesting characters, but intelligently looks at some interesting philosophical […]

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Robin Craig


Dr Craig wrote a number of short stories before becoming interested in the more flexible possibilities of longer fiction. His first novella, Frankensteel, explored the world of artificial intelligence and the rights of a thinking machine. He also writes non-fiction. In addition to 14 scientific papers and a long-running philosophical series in TableAus (the journal of Mensa Australia), he was a contributor to The Australian Book of Atheism with his chapter on “Good Without God”, on the importance and validity of secular ethics.


Kindle Edition

The ethical questions surrounding human cloning and stem cell research cannot be answered.


Kindle Edition

Set in an authentic historical background of first century Roman Judaea, this novel weaves.


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Steel, Titanium and Guilt brings together in one volume the first three books of the Just Hunter series.


Kindle Edition

It is the near future, and in the conflict between advancing high technology and those who want.


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Human genetic engineering has been banned for decades, and the last geneh genetically engineered.


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An essay on secular ethics and morals, on the theme of why and how the “is-ought” problem derails.


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Inspired by Galileo’s famous Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, this entertaining.


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Four short stories where things are rarely what they seem. Each story has a different theme.



Four short stories where things are rarely what they seem. Each story has a different theme.